At the beginning of Covid 19, when the need for hand sewn masks were high, as a brand we prioritized making and donating masks using the fabric in our inventory. We have donated over 100+ masks to those working in the front lines.

Unfortunately our fabric supplier is now on a back log to restock our inventory supply. As our products are all Made To Order, this has caused a hiccup in our ability to fulfill our orders.

Home Decor

All the products that are marked as In Stock, are available to be shipped immediately as we have a few pieces printed and made. 

The rest of the products will take about 4-6 weeks to be printed and shipped.


As our blank scarves are all sourced from India, we have a ready stock of blank scarves ready to be printed and shipped. All orders for scarves will be processed within a week of the order placed.

We thank you for your understanding at this time, and we are deeply grateful for your support of our brand and the work we do. We apologize for the inconvenience faced.