Textiles with a Story

Kasavu collection

Kasavu is a soft off-white handloom cotton cloth with zari (gold threads) woven into the fabric to create borders and motifs. Kasavu is a technique used in handlooms of Kerala, with very fine threads of gold or silver used in weave to make border lines and designs on silk and cotton fabrics. The original garments had pure gold borders, whereas the newer versions have red, green, orange etc. colors called kara along with gold, to make them look more attractive.

Textile care: Dry clean only 

Textile details: 100% cotton

Hand block collection

Block printing is an ancient printing technique in which designs are hand carved by artisans onto wooden blocks. These blocks are inked and pressed on fabric. Patterns are created using multiple blocks skillfully overlayed on top of each other. The skill in the artisan lies in placing the block firmly and precisely to ensure a crisp print and a smooth distribution of ink over the fabric.

Textile care: Gentle hand wash is recommended in cold water

Textile details: 100% organic cotton


Handloom collection

Khadi is a hand-spun and woven natural fiber cloth promoted by Mahatma Gandhi for the freedom struggle of the Indian subcontinent. The cloth is woven from cotton which are all spun into yarn on a spinning wheel called a charkha.

“Khadi” means any cloth woven on handloom from cotton, silk or wool which is spun into yarn on a spinning wheel or from a mixture of any two or all of such yarn. It is a versatile fabric; cool in summer and warm in winter and is widely used in garments.

Textile care: Gentle hand wash is recommended in cold water. The color of the fabric may bleed.

Textile details: 100% cotton


Bhujodi collection

The signature element of the weaves is the simple geometric motifs arranged and woven into the fabric. The woolen sheepskin yarn is spun into yarn by hand creating a beautiful uneven thickness and texture. This yarn is dyed in rich shades from natural colors, providing an earthy look and feel. This fabric originates from the Bhuj village in Gujarat, India.

Textile care: Dry clean only 

Textile details: 100% wool dyed using azo free dyes.