Bringing in the Holidays with style : Bina Bhatt

With the holidays fast approaching I think everyone is always excited for all the wonderful holiday parties and celebrations that are about to come! No matter how big or small, holiday celebrations are full of joy, spending time with your family and friends and of course lots of eating yummy food!!! So how do you stay stylish yet comfortable during the festivities?

My first tip on staying comfortable yet stylish is to put on a pair of comfortable and roomy clothes. You don’t have to veer very far from your normal outfits except for opting for something a little more festive! My go to’s are: shiny leggings, a beautiful sweater or top that gives you ample room to move around and pair it with jewelry to really elevate your holiday look. 

My second tip is to dress up in your athleisure wear! We have all become familiar with athleisure wear and multi use clothing items these past two years with working from home and they are a great way to continue to stay comfortable through your festivities. My favorite way to wear athleisure wear is to wear one “athletic” piece with something a little more fancy like wearing joggers with a beautiful adorned or trendy top then accessorizing with the right shoes and jewelry.

My last tip is to put on a dress! What is more comfortable than wearing a dress? Pick a silhouette you know you will feel your best in and you will have a one piece outfit you don’t have to work too hard to put together! It’s a win win! My favorite type of holiday dresses are a flowy midi or maxi dress. A nice sweater dress is also a good choice for the holidays especially if you live somewhere cold. Dresses give you the room to enjoy the delicious food without feeling conscious of your food belly! Happy Eating! 

Have a safe, happy and stylish holiday season! 




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