The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Center Table Decorations

1. Layering the Foundation:

Start decorating by layering the table with an appropriate tablecloth or runner that aligns with your chosen theme. This sets the foundation for the decorations and adds a festive touch to the corner. Enhance the corner table's visual appeal by draping a plush, seasonal rug or a textured cloth. This not only adds a touch of warmth but also provides a cozy backdrop for the holiday decorations, creating a welcoming focal point in your living room.


2. Focal Point with a Centerpiece:

Create a captivating centerpiece that draws attention to the corner table. This could be a decorative holiday-themed vase, a festive floral arrangement, or a collection of candles. The centerpiece serves as the focal point, anchoring the entire display.

Elevate the holiday ambiance with a carefully curated tray featuring miniature brush trees and flickering candles with a seasonal scent. This not only introduces a cozy glow to the corner but also brings a touch of nature indoors.


3. Ornaments, Books and Accents:

Select holiday ornaments, figurines, or decorative accents that complement your chosen theme. Pay attention to the heights and proportions of the decorations. Vary the heights of items to create visual interest and ensure that the overall display is well-balanced. Use tiered trays or decorative stands to elevate certain elements.

Infuse character into the corner by selecting books that reflect your interests or the festive spirit. Arrange them creatively and pair with decorative bookends for a personalized touch, turning the table into a conversation starter that tells a story about your holiday traditions and tastes.

              Bonus tip: Stacking the books vertically or using books of varying height can add a visual element to the table.


4. Bring the outdoors indoors:

Incorporate a lively and elegant element by arranging faux foliage, such as eucalyptus leaves and delicate white floral sprays, in a chic vase. This becomes a  timeless, low-maintenance centerpiece that captures the essence of the season without the need for constant upkeep. You can use a glass or metal vase to add another visual element to play off the height and proportions of the decor.


5. Consider the Surrounding Space:

Take into account the overall décor of the room when choosing colors and themes to ensure that the corner table complements the rest of the living space. If space allows, consider adding a comfortable chair or floor cushion next to the corner table to transform it into a cozy reading nook for the holidays.

Introduce a pop of festive colors and comfort to the seating area by strategically placing woolen or festive throw pillows. Opt for seasonal patterns, colors and textures that complement the overall décor, creating a harmonious blend of style and coziness that invites family and friends to relax and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.            

Bonus Tip: Use a mix of metals like gold, silver, and brass to add more dimension to the table: Enhance the visual appeal of the corner table by incorporating metallic accents in varying finishes. Combine gold, silver, and brass elements through candle holders, trays, or small sculptures to add depth and sophistication, creating a well-balanced and visually intriguing holiday display.


Keep the corner table display looking fresh throughout the holiday season by regularly checking and refreshing the decorations. This could involve fluffing up faux greenery, replacing burnt-out candles, or incorporating new seasonal elements as the holidays progress. 


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