Changing directions...

I want to say a heartfelt and sincere thank you for sticking around and engaging with my content. A few weeks before I had to close my business, I fully embraced who I wanted to be. I wanted to be a textile artist. Then I closed my business due to visa and work permit paperwork complications. And then I felt I lost claim to the title.

The interim plan was to create some designs and talk about it, and to relaunch my business in 2-3 months. But I quickly realized that this timeline wasn’t going to happen. It took several months for the paperwork to even get filed, which meant I didn’t know when I was going to relaunch. Was it going to be in fall or around the holidays or next year? I had a huge identity crisis and I was terribly angry and felt completely lost. I wanted to design new textiles, but it painfully reminded me of the opportunities I was losing out on and my inability to work.

It took a lot of soul searching and some amazing friends to be okay with not focusing on textiles. I started working on home projects that have been in the pipeline for years, as a distraction. I comically told a friend, that I worked so hard to build a community to love textiles, and now here I am painting walls. It didn’t make sense to me. But this is honestly where I was in life. And I’m so grateful you met me at this odd transition in my life and continued to support me.

About a week ago, we found out that all required paperwork has been filed. Praise God! It will potentially take another year for the paperwork to come through and for me to relaunch my business. Although this is a long timeline, I’m glad to have an end date in sight rather than run around like a headless chicken. So now comes the question what do I do until then?

This will actually be the second major pivot I have done since starting my business in 2017. My childhood dream was to start a fashion company. And after coming to the USA in 2016, I started my company, I won an award at the Milwaukee Fashion Week, I sold clothes in four different continents and things were going really well until I got pregnant. Suddenly my business came to a screeching halt because I was too sick to even get out of bed. When I came back postpartum in March 2020, I knew I couldn't manage a clothing line and a baby at the same time, so I made my first pivot to focus solely on home décor. It was a field I truly knew nothing about. But I learned and I fell in love with interior design and I found so much joy, passion and success in this new field. And once again, I’m at a turning point.

For the next year or so, I am going to focus more on blogging. To create a more educational platform on how to create beautiful spaces in your home. Fill your home with color, culture, textiles and to fully showcase your personality through your home. I’ll share tips on how to style your home, teach you about Indian textiles and designs. I’m still figuring this part out :)

The truth is, I’ve worked SO hard to get here, and in spite of facing a lot of bumps in this journey, me right here is still better than what high school me dreamed about. And so, I’m not just ready to give up on my dream. This is just me taking a different path to get there, and I have faith in the long run this will be good.  

So, here’s my appreciation, I assumed you were here for just my textile designs and that when I closed my business, it would be a problem. But the truth was you stayed and this community grew. So now, I choose to believe that you were here for my creativity and what I have to share; and that you have more faith in my creativity than I do in myself. For this I cannot express how grateful I am and how truly humbling it is. I mean I started as a textile designer and now I'm painting walls in my home and you guys are still here for me. How is this anything less than amazing?!?! So, thank you for having the faith in me and I'm excited to see life unfold in the future…



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