Family Room Final Reveal : ORC week 8

I cannot contain my excitement! When I signed up for this challenge, I told myself, I want to push myself out of my comfort zone. I want to do the best of my ability and I will not let this become stressful for me. And oh! I am so proud of myself 😊

The family room is the most used rooms in our home. We entertain our friends here, it serves as my daughter’s playroom. It’s such a big space that we have the freedom to transform it to fit our needs. It has served as a guest room, office area and so much more in the past.

Designing our home, has been a true journey to create a home that showcases our personality as a family to anyone who enters our home. We want it to reflect our lives, our love, our interests and keep safe for our daughter to explore and be safe.

This transformation was done on a fairly tight budget. We love the brown sectional in our room and wanted to design the space around it since our budget did not have space for a new sectional. The room before had muted, comfy cozy vibes, more like all shades of brown. We wanted the room to feel more iconic, strong and bold. So we chose these beautiful shades of paint from Dutch Boy forever paints in the satin finish.

Blue: Inkstain

Green: Emerald Forest

White: Simplified white

Pink: Rose Window

This is how I visually deconstructed the room, as it is fairly large and serves multiple purposes, I decided to paint 2/3rds of the room with green and the other to be blue. The room has a fairly annoying ledge one three walls, and since I cannot remove this feature, I decided to highlight it. Also, this room does not receive a lot of natural light, so instead of painting the wall a single color, we painted it a two-tone color to brighten it up. We painted it white above the ledge, and green/ blue on the ledge and below. This instantly transformed the entire space.

This room has not one but two feature walls, and obvi, I made things more complicated and added another feature wall as well! One feature wall is where the TV hangs, and we painted the entire wall a solid green color.

The biggest statement piece for this room is the hand painted mural. This mural was inspired by an engraved door at an iconic hotel in Oman called Al Bustan Palace. The symmetry of this Islamic design felt quite modern and I have so memories from my childhood of visiting this iconic venue.

As you enter the family room, there is a single wall the entire length of the room. This wall is the transition wall between the blue and the green. So we hand painted a mini- mural with the same design as the big mural, but in a much smaller scale. This way your eye transitions very smoothly between both the colors.

I honestly couldn’t be more excited with how this entire space turned out. I would love to jump into further details about each space in this room, but that will have to be split into several blog posts.

I hope you enjoyed this transformation, and you will stick around for more.

I also hope you take a chance to read and support other Featured and Guest designers from the One Room Challenge.



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  • Angela | @midmodernmama

    What a lovely room to spend time together in! Bravo to a great challenge!

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