How to style a bookcase : Color Edition

A beautifully styled bookcase is so wonderful to look at! To me it’s a work of art. It is so telling of the personality of the owner. Their taste in books, the stories behind the décor pieces they choose and so much more. But for the longest time, I struggled to recreate the wonderfully styled bookcases I would see on social media in my own home. I didn’t want to shop for new décor pieces, but I wanted to use the pieces I have curated over time. And I finally figured out the process and I’m so excited to share it with you 😊

So, let’s go!

  1. Divide your bookcase visually into half or thirds.

Based on the width of your bookcase, you can create a visual grid within which you can fill and arrange items in your bookcase. If your bookcase is narrow, divide it into half, else divide it into thirds.

  1. Alternate between simpler and fuller shelves

A fuller shelf is one where the 2 or 3 of the grids on the shelf have items arranged in them. A simpler shelf is one where 1 or 2 of the grids on the shelf have items arranged in them. Alternating between a simpler and fuller shelf allows the viewer to enjoy all the décor pieces, and creates a visual break for the viewer instead of the shelves being cluttered.

  1. Add in elements with structure, height and texture

Add in a vase, bookends, a bowl are great ways to add elements with height, texture and structure

The mix of orientation adds a layered, yet collected, look to your bookcase. Vary materials, adding touches of shimmering metals or translucent glass to lighten up the look.

  1. Add in books for height, color and conversation starter

Books are a great way to showcase your personality. They are a good way for the guests to start conversations, understand your taste in books. Mix up the way you stack the book, vertically or horizontally, The mix of orientation adds a layered, yet collected, look to your bookcase. Also show off the spines of the books to add in a pop of color. You can arrange the books either by height, grouping books with the same color spines or complimentary colors.

  1. Plants add a freshness and vibrance to the bookcase

It doesn’t matter if your comfort level in plants is to have fake or real plants. Plants add a freshness and element of nature to the bookcase.

  1. Add in your personality through photos, artwork and keepsakes

I absolutely love collecting keepsakes from my travels, and showcasing them brings me a lot of joy. Adding photos of my family adds a touch of home to the shelves. Supporting artists and having some artwork rest in your shelves are also great. You can choose to either use neutral color frames for the photos/ art or use colorful frames to add a pop of color or eclectic vibes. I would recommend looking through local thrift stores to find beautiful frames as is, or ones that you can paint over.

  1. Add in smaller elements to create a height variation and to fill in the gaps

After adding in all the larger elements in your shelf, you can add in smaller objects like succulents, glass

  1. If you have kids, fill in the lower shelves with books and toys, so its easily accessible to them.


Now stand back and enjoy your wonderful bookcase! :) Do tag me in photos @amucherian, I'd love too see your bookcases!


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