One Room Challenge- Week 1

This is such exciting news for me! I have been following the One Room Challenge for several seasons in the past and I am SO excited to be a guest designer this ORC Fall season for the first time! Over the summer, I have been redoing several rooms in my home. Although we moved in about 3 years back, this is the first time I have had the time to really style and decorate my home.

To push myself far out of my comfort zone and challenge myself personally, I decided to sign up as a guest designer this season, and tackle the BIGGEST room in my home. The room I have decided to style and decorate is our Family Room. This room is quite large and serves several purposes. It is where we lounge as a family and watch TV. We entertain our guests in this informal space and play board games. We do have a formal living room as well. My daughter LOVES to play in this room and had all her toys down here. Also, my husband and her love to kick a soccer ball along the length of the room, since we have so much space. This space has been such a game changer in our home, especially during Covid and the winter season. My daughter has an indoor slide to play on. When she was born, this space served as a guest room, using our daybed and trundle. I do enjoy taking photos for my business here, and for a while this was also our make shift office.

So, when I say, this is a challenge, it really is a challenge for a newbie like me. When we moved in, this room was an overall dull sterile gray which I left sucked the life out of the space. I knew NOTHING about paint colors and how to paint walls back then, and Pinterest was my source of inspiration. I found this beige and blue color palette, that I thought looked nice and painted the space.

We were on a very tight budget at the time, so most of our furniture came from friends while down sizing, and a large sectional from the clearance section of a local furniture store. While I thought everything looked quite glam, I now realize the entire space can me called ‘Various shades of Brown’. So no, it needs to change.

My style, is to have beautiful strong colors, with a sense of minimalism and comfort. I want this space to have a moody, comfortable, lounge-y vibe to it. Where one comes to relax and unwind. Since we spend SO much time here, I want this room to make a statement! For anyone to enter and be wow-ed by the oomph and personality you feel.

I strongly feel that paint can have such a profund impact on the vibe of the room, and can completely transform a space.

We have an odd ledge on three of the four-ish walls in this room, which has annoyed me deeply. I now choose to make it a focal feature of the space since I cannot get rid of it.

I will transform the space into a two-tone color palette, of white and green. The essence of the transformation would be to visually divide the space to serve an entertainment space, playroom and lounge area. I intend to bring a new life to some of the furniture pieces I already have.

This will definitely be an exciting 8 weeks for sure, so do follow along. Do sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram @amucherian for regular updates and behind the scene actions

Here are some photos of the space I plan to transform

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