Block Printing 101 : After Care


Heat setting the fabric: This step is important to remove the water from the inks, so that the inks will bind properly to the fabric. This will prevent the inks from bleeding during a wash.

You need aluminum foil and an iron. Place the aluminum sheet on the ironing board. Place the fabric, with the print facing down on the aluminum foil. Iron on reverse for about 2 mins per section on the highest temperature. Move the iron around to ensure the fabric does not get burnt. Be cautious on the heat setting on the iron and if its compatible to the fabric you have printed on.


Made a printing mistake? No worries! Use hand soap or Clorox stain remover. First, Heat set the prints around the error. Then, Use the stain remover or use hand soap and wash it off carefully. The print will fade, and once it dries you can print again 😊

And voila! You have your own block printed fabric. Don’t forget to tag @amucherian and follow for more textile printing tutorials.